goodoldmarty at gmail.com goodoldmarty at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 06:59:31 PDT 2007

> The last time the uClibc book worked well was with gcc34 and uClibc-0.9.28, I 
> think.

The Glibc build is working well. I have mine in service 24/7 with no
issues. Maybe uClibc belongs in the 'ELFS' book instead:-)

uClibc has always been more challenging than glibc, but it works fine
with busybox and I see no problem with gcc41; (only the patches).
I may make a buildroot and get it booted on a spare box. A native
'vanilla' uClibc/busybox system should make a better host to try to
build that patched toolchain anyway.

Marty B.

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