arc4random vs RAND_pseudo_bytes

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Tue Sep 4 17:32:40 PDT 2007

For what it's worth...I read ...

RAND_pseudo_bytes() puts num pseudo-random bytes into buf.
Pseudo-ran-dom Pseudo-random byte sequences generated by
RAND_pseudo_bytes() will be unique if they are of sufficient
length, but are not necessarily unpredictable.
They can be used for non-cryptographic purposes and for certain
purposes in cryptographic protocols, but usually not for key generation etc.

You must also handle return codes after executing RAND_pseudo_bytes()
and provide a means to retry after a failure.

and also...

The arc4random() function uses the key stream generator employed by the
arc4 cipher, which uses 8*8 8 bit S-Boxes.  The S-Boxes can be in about
(2**1700) states.
There is no need to call arc4random_stir() before using arc4random(),
since arc4random() automatically initializes itself.

That was enough information to influence my opinion.

Marty B


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