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LFS (6.x), and HLFS, are the only supported host system for HLFS, partially 
because of things like this, and also because of trust. We want the host 
system to have Scrt1.o, for example, and to expect the Glibc tests pass the 
host system kernel should be vanilla, and then there's the bug below. Using 
LFS or HLFS as the host system is the only way to be sure that the host 
system is going to support the build of largely vanilla packages. Despite 
saying this, I've never had a problem with Slackware.


On Monday September 3 2007 10:24:37 am goodoldmarty at wrote:
> >> > I don't believe this is exclusive to my system, but that is possible.
> >> > Otherwise, these issues are really a bit much for me to debug.
> >> >
> >> > Marty B.
> >
> > FWIW, I got a similar error from installing a distro (not hlfs)on a
> > preformatted ext3 drive which I got rid of by removing  and recreating
> > the journal. I wonder if ext3 has broken compatibility with earlier
> > versions recently?
> I found some traffic on this issue in the LKML and GLIBC list. It seems
>  some patches have introduced structure incompatabilities with previous
> EXT3 filesystems. However; Ext3 does appear to work fine on a native
> hlfs filesystem. I think this warrants disclosure in the book.
> Marty B

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