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Mon Sep 3 07:24:37 PDT 2007

>> > I don't believe this is exclusive to my system, but that is possible.
>> > Otherwise, these issues are really a bit much for me to debug.
>> > 
>> > Marty B.
> FWIW, I got a similar error from installing a distro (not hlfs)on a
> preformatted ext3 drive which I got rid of by removing  and recreating
> the journal. I wonder if ext3 has broken compatibility with earlier
> versions recently?

I found some traffic on this issue in the LKML and GLIBC list. It seems
 some patches have introduced structure incompatabilities with previous
EXT3 filesystems. However; Ext3 does appear to work fine on a native
hlfs filesystem. I think this warrants disclosure in the book.

Marty B


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