compiling Apache error, hlfs ,uclibc-0.9.29,linux- (resolved)

fengyun_52 fengyun_52 at
Mon Oct 29 00:26:47 PDT 2007

Thanks for robert, I have enable the UCLIBC_HAS_SYS_SIGLIST option, and
the header file /usr/include/signal.h have the lines:

#define  _sys_siglist  sys_siglist
extern __const char * *__const sys_siglist[_NSIG];

also, I enable the UCLIBC_HAS_SYS_ERRLIST in the .config file with the
advice of Mwanguhya Daniel Murungi and recompile the uclibc, then

But compile  apache 1.3.36 have the same errors.

I try two other versions of apache : httpd-2.0.61 seen works fine, but
httpd-2.2.6 is halted when I configure it:
checking for working AI_ADDRCONFIG...
But however, I could use httpd-2.0.61 and php-5.2.4.

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