bug? Bash bug.

goodoldmarty at gmail.com goodoldmarty at gmail.com
Sun Oct 28 05:38:49 PDT 2007

>> > OK, here is something interesting.
>> > I was in the X-server build dir and made a typo.
>> > suddenly I was moved into the lib dir.
>> > This machine is becoming demonic.
>> > Now it is punishing me for my typos.
>> >
>> > root at SVN-20071022:/usr/src/extras/X-server# enf
>> > bash: enf: command not found
>> > root at SVN-20071022:/usr/src/extras/X-server/lib#
>> >
> I am not one able to solve or handle charset problems, but I have
> heard of some really weird things going wrong with charsets.
> Perhaps, charsets may be cause of the sporadic directory change.
> Alternatively, your bash executable is high on crack, and needs to be unbroken.
I use a normal charset en_US.
The history is all screwed up.
Env vars inserted by /etc/profile work fine.
Those I insert disappear randomly.
I have only seen in this build (SVN-20071022) but never
noticed until I tried to build X-server.
Problems seem to occur after library build.
here is script from blfs which is not too weird:
cd lib
bash -e
for package in $(cat ../lib-7.1.wget)
   packagedir=$(echo $package | sed 's/.tar.bz2//')
   tar -jxf $package
   cd $packagedir
   ./configure $XORG_CONFIG
   make install &&
   cd ..
   rm -rf $packagedir
done 2>&1 | tee -a ../xorg-compile.log #log the entire loop
cd ..
I have rebuilt bash to no avail.
The fixes-6 patch is the only change. (LIGHTBULB)
I will revert to the previous (fixes-5) patch.

Marty B

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