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Sat Oct 20 13:04:59 PDT 2007

SVN-20071007 Roberts build
I am big game for this build and have it started already!

I like how gcc-4.2.1 bootstrapp's itself without being told now. cool.
Curious about the rm -rf libiberty/  in the bootstrap phase.

I decided to use linux-2.6.23 on this build. Grsec has a test patch.
I'm already donating blood, so why not give a bit more?

Now I got the bootstrap built and sit at 5.4. Glibc-2.6.1 where it 
stops. Boo. Pox on me.

All the glibc-2.6.1 patches listed in this book version are broken.
I got a 404 on 
as well.

Nevertheless it built fine to this point but it would be pointless to 
continue without the patches. I can resume at any time.

Definate problems if you didn't install texinfo on the build host.
Despite trying all sorts of flags, I just couldn't get things to build
until I installed the texinfo package. Ok, therafter.  This would
apply to any versions of HLFS I guess. This is very annoying, as
I must always delete all that junk anyway. Can we fix this?
I don't see HLFS as ever being a login system; just for servers.
Eliminate all the man/info/doc garbage that will never be used.

I know HLFS has been a 1 man job for the most part, and I appreciate
all of the hard work done by my hero Robert. I am saddened that more 
people with skills do not support this project. I am at best a tester 
and proofreader for the project, because my programming skills are way 
I know I discover embarrasing errors, and have seen several corrections.
This shows I am doing some tiny part to help. Wish I could do more.
I offer suggestions only as inspiration; I know what I want...

This is also a good version to get Cron working as it should. Necessary.
Log management is imperative in a secure system. Logrotate.
I further recommend that root get a daily email with a considated log.
(This can be done without a mail server!) DUH!
Considering the stated agenda of HLFS , these are major issues anyway, no?

Marty B

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