stable status

Rohit Shriwas nixclusive0 at
Fri Oct 19 01:14:17 PDT 2007

> I'm doubting the popularity of a linux-2.4/linuxthreads book. Even though it 
> would be more stable, I don't think anyone would actually use it in real 
> life. So as an alternative/compromise, how about ditching the 2.4-branch and 
> make pre-release branches (like 0.1)? Each pre-release would showcase 
> something new, which is stabilized while adding the next something-new in the 
> unstable branch.
> For example, copy unstable/ to pre-stable branch/, remove what doesn't work 
> 100%, and keep the rest. This would mean the pre-stable book should always 
> work, while unstable may be broken and untested.
> robert

Yeah that would be a nice idea. I was already beginning to think weather 
  "hardened" translates to "unstable".. well my hlfs build is stable 
enough to run an smtp server 24/7.. thanks.

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