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Mon Oct 8 10:01:57 PDT 2007

Anyone who completes the current HLFS Build will likely find that cat, 
echo, pwd, rm, and stty, are still symbolic links to /tools/(*). I 
mentioned this problem a long time ago. These links need to be deleted 
before a file is installed. Also, su might be missing, depending on your 
interpretation of the text. The shadow page is a bit convoluted.

Also, rather than wait till the user is comfortable in the chroot 
environment reading shadow to mention cracklib, how about adding the 
(optional) cracklib source to the source tarball.

Glad to see Robert has taken the lead on some uClibc related patches, a 
few new pages, and a new shot at uClibc and I have built a 
dozen such systems but could not get my stuff to work. I would really 
like so see this work out, so I have a partition waiting. is recently maintained with a few fixes/upgrades, and accepted 
the grsecurity patches without complaint. I am trying to use it now.

Unpack the binutils-2.17, gcc-core-4.1.2, gcc-g++-4.1.2, and 
gcc-testsuite-4.1.2 source packages but do not change directory. Then 
combine the two packages to the same directory with the following...
**This might be worded better for clarity; you name 4 packages. How is 
the reader to know all the gcc packages will land in one GCC directory? 
And does the order of unpacking matter?

Good Morning,
Marty B

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