Typo on "5.9 Cocoon Toolchain"?

Harrison Neal HANtwister at comcast.net
Sat Oct 6 21:51:19 PDT 2007

It seems like the first part of HLVS SVN20070901 Glibc 2.6 "5.9 Cocoon 
Toolchain" was copied from instructions on the Embryo Toolchain page, 
but the instructions are not the same and the pasted copy was not 
completely edited; for the Cocoon Toolchain, three packages are named, 
but the instructions state to combine two of the packages (the last part 
being what wasn't changed after a copy-paste). Granted, there are only 
two folders to be merged after all three packages are unpacked (since 
gcc-core and gcc-g++ share a folder), but, technically, it is merging 
three packages - as to if you feel that section needs clarification 
(insure the user knows that two of the three packages are already merged 
and that there is now two folders to merge, one with one package and one 
with two), or if a fix for this typo is even necessary, that's up to you.

-Harrison N.

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