Question Re: Embryo Toolchain

Harrison Neal HANtwister at
Sat Oct 6 21:05:58 PDT 2007

I apologize; this was the Glibc 2.6 version of HLVS, SVN20070901.
> It seems that, if the commands near the top of the page of "5.2 Embryo 
> Toolchain" as of HLFS version SVN20070901 are entered as is into a 
> Virtual PC hosted by Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (I'm sharing a 
> computer, and it isn't mine) and running off the latest Live CD Image, 
> lfslivecd-x86-6.3-r2052.iso, it seems to result in the gcc-4.1.2 
> folder itself and the binutils-2.17 folder itself within the 
> embryo-toolchain folder.
> Is this intended, or are the contents of the gcc-4.1.2 folder supposed 
> to be placed into the embryo-toolchain folder, and, thereafter the 
> binutils-2.17 folder itself be placed into the embryo-toolchain folder 
> (or did I just enter it wrong and/or am I misunderstanding the 
> process)? I'm going under the assumption that the contents of the 
> gcc-4.1.2 folder were supposed to be placed into the embryo-toolchain 
> folder, since later commands modify files within the contents of the 
> gcc-4.1.2 folder without changing the current directory (but, then 
> again, the book states that we should be familiar with most concepts 
> from LFS, and does seem to assume the user has already followed steps 
> shown and explained in LFS before and after following the instructions 
> on any page). It should be noted that I haven't tried entering the 
> instructions as is to see if it would work; I had followed what I 
> described above as what I believed was the intended result, and it 
> seemed to compile just fine (although, if that's incorrect, I'm sure 
> I'll figure that out soon enough in later steps).
> Thanks in advance,
> -Harrison N.
> P.S. I'll also mention this - on "5.4 Glibc-2.5.1", the command 
> includes "--enable-add-ons" while the explanation includes 
> "--enable-add-ons=linuxthreads". Trying to use the latter will result 
> in an error that the add-on folder "linuxthreads" doesn't exist; it 
> will only compile while using "--enable-add-ons" by itself.

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