Question Re: Embryo Toolchain

Harrison Neal HANtwister at
Sat Oct 6 20:25:32 PDT 2007

It seems that, if the commands near the top of the page of "5.2 Embryo 
Toolchain" as of HLFS version SVN20070901 are entered as is into a 
Virtual PC hosted by Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (I'm sharing a computer, 
and it isn't mine) and running off the latest Live CD Image, 
lfslivecd-x86-6.3-r2052.iso, it seems to result in the gcc-4.1.2 folder 
itself and the binutils-2.17 folder itself within the embryo-toolchain 

Is this intended, or are the contents of the gcc-4.1.2 folder supposed 
to be placed into the embryo-toolchain folder, and, thereafter the 
binutils-2.17 folder itself be placed into the embryo-toolchain folder 
(or did I just enter it wrong and/or am I misunderstanding the process)? 
I'm going under the assumption that the contents of the gcc-4.1.2 folder 
were supposed to be placed into the embryo-toolchain folder, since later 
commands modify files within the contents of the gcc-4.1.2 folder 
without changing the current directory (but, then again, the book states 
that we should be familiar with most concepts from LFS, and does seem to 
assume the user has already followed steps shown and explained in LFS 
before and after following the instructions on any page). It should be 
noted that I haven't tried entering the instructions as is to see if it 
would work; I had followed what I described above as what I believed was 
the intended result, and it seemed to compile just fine (although, if 
that's incorrect, I'm sure I'll figure that out soon enough in later steps).

Thanks in advance,
-Harrison N.

P.S. I'll also mention this - on "5.4 Glibc-2.5.1", the command includes 
"--enable-add-ons" while the explanation includes 
"--enable-add-ons=linuxthreads". Trying to use the latter will result in 
an error that the add-on folder "linuxthreads" doesn't exist; it will 
only compile while using "--enable-add-ons" by itself.

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