"HLFS Trac #1645: gcc/binutils test suite"

Robert Connolly robert at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Nov 26 18:33:29 PST 2007

They can pass. Glibc's test suite passes 100% because it respects CFLAGS. 
Binutils and GCC have changed stuff around in the last couple years and now 
the tests don't respect resetting CFLAGS. I can see it in the test suite 
logs... the output from 'make' says it's using the cflags I set, and the test 
logs have no such cflags. I think it's a bug, but almost no one tries to 
build the test suite with different cflags, so no one notices it.

I'll do the 0.3 tag regardless, because I'm pretty sure the bug is with the 
test suite and not with the installed components. But you shouldn't be 
expected to trust me, the test suite should work. The trac is just so I can 
stop thinking about it for the moment, it's a todo item.


On Monday November 26 2007 09:07:20 pm goodoldmarty at gmail.com wrote:
> gpgkeys: key A1D77F1876589D54 not found on keyserver
> No way our hardened code can be expected to can pass all/any of those
> compiler tests. We broke most of those things from the start. Lose the
> paranoia. My applications compile and run 24/7 beautifully. Good job.
> I recommend you release "something" as stable, despite moot issues.
> Open SSL and OpenSSH have both been updated and work great!
> Marty b.
> --
> Putting Microsoft in a computer is like putting screen doors in a
> submarine. Hopeless.

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