Robert Connolly robert at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Nov 23 13:25:08 PST 2007

SVN-2007102x (23rd to 25th) is going to be the release candidate for 
hlfs-0.3-glibc-2.6. I'm going through it to fix minor stuff, and update minor 

I'm going to comment out the Glibc blowfish patch because it's currently 
unused by any package.

Sysctl erandom no longer works with Glibc-2.7, so I'm discontinuing sysctl 
support with the new glibc-2.5.1 arc4_prng patch. The new patch will fix the 
bug where arc4random isn't random when /dev/zero is symlinked to /dev/urandom 
(haven't figured out the best way yet).

Other than that the Glibc-2.6 book has no system bugs as far as I know, so a 
0.3 tag should be reasonably stable.

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