openssl libs problem

Jaap Struyk japie at
Tue May 29 00:30:02 PDT 2007

Robert Connolly schreef:

> The patch for OpenSSL was for arc4random, but a small Sed command works just 
> as well now. I want to use the BLFS wiki for changes to BLFS packages, I 
> think it would benefit everyone better. OpenSSL is eventually going to be 
> integrated in the hlfs core packages, so it's different.

I took the liberty of adding an entry for gmp, I will test the
instructions again this evening to make sure it wasn't a one time

> I haven't ever tried to build gmp, I don't know anything about it.

It's needed by clamav for checking digital signatures of the online
virus database.
Since HLFS is an excelent base for a server and clamav is used for virus
checking of mails gmp can't be missed.
Groetjes Japie

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