FTP Package Repo

Justin R. Knierim lfs at lfs-matrix.net
Mon May 28 15:39:26 PDT 2007

Robert Connolly wrote:
> The last official grsecurity is for 2.6.19. In the /~spender/ directory you 
> should find his latest copy for 2.6.21. I use his snapshots, I think he does 
> too, they tend to be okay.
> I'm planning to go back down to uClibc-, or maybe uClibc-0.9.29, and 
> use libssp for ssp and fortify_source. I'm still working on a gcc patch that 
> will figure out what to do whether you have glibc or uclibc, with everything 
> optional. It's almost done, but not tested.
Alrighty, no biggy, next time the version changes it will be updated.  :)


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