Robert Connolly robert at
Wed May 23 08:01:45 PDT 2007

There have been efforts to patch the recent 2.6 kernel so user klogd can 
read /proc/kmsg, but they circumvent selinux's access controls, so they were 

Ubuntu's sysklogd_1.4.1-16ubuntu6.diff adds a -P option to klogd so klogd can 
read from a pipe. From the boot script 'dd' runs as root and pipes 
from /proc/kmsg to /var/run/klogd/kmsg, and the klogd user has permission to 
read /var/run/klogd/kmsg.

And the only way to keep /var/run/klogd/kmsg from growing out of control is to 
restart the boot script once in a while to remove /var/run/klogd/kmsg.

I think this will work fairly well. 'dd' is a pretty secure program, but an 
assembly version would be best. I found a dd.asm in asmutils-0.18, but it's 
in nasm syntax. Or at least a version of 'dd' that ignores environment, 
preload, and locales.

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