Kevin Day thekevinday at
Tue May 22 08:56:28 PDT 2007

On 5/22/07, Robert Connolly <robert at> wrote:
> I ran 'strace -f' on klogd and found another problem, which is discussed here:
> Notice the date on that link.. this was never fixed upstream.
> klogd tries to use an unimplemented syscall 1024 (resource-limit-max) times.
> Unimplemented syscalls don't return a newline character, and klogd doesn't
> expect that, and it keeps trying.
> robert

You could also look into metalog:
I've used that for some time now, it is quite a nice replacement for
the sysklogd package.

And I was about to say that it is also not-updated as sysklogd, but
after getting that link, it looks like they just released a new

Kevin Day

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