Robert Connolly robert at
Mon May 21 15:51:40 PDT 2007

I don't know if any of you remember, maybe 2 years ago, I tried using the 
sysklogd chroot/droproot pages, and it resulted in klogd using 49% cpu and 
sysklogd using the other 51%.

This is a bug with klogd and the linux-2.6 kernel. The behavior klogd expects 
from printk no longer works the same way, and EIP translation is completely 
broken. As a result trustix, debian, suse, have added '-x' to disable EIP 
translation to get rid of the error, and klogd can't drop privileges anymore 
because permissions on /proc don't allow it to operate (which causes it to 
keep trying 40,000 times per second).

klogd still works, but not as well as it should. It logs the same as dmesg.

So I'm going to split the chroot/syslog patch for sysklogd in two. The 
kernel-2.4 book will have both, the 2.6 book only has the syslog half, so 
both end up with correct manual pages. Instead of patching the 
lfs-bootscripts an Sed command can add the extra options.

Are there any other ways to limit syslogd/klogd's permissions, like nice(2) 

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