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Kevin Day thekevinday at
Sat May 5 14:34:23 PDT 2007

On 5/5/07, Robert Connolly <robert at> wrote:
> Thanks much to Jan and Manuel for setting up javascript menu boxes so the
> 2.4-branch and trunk could be merged, in addition to making each feature
> optional. This can be seen here:
> and should be on the mirrors soon. The 2.4 differences are not mixed in
> completely yet (linuxthreads), but the book will be better for maintainers
> and readers after it's complete. Non-javascript defaults to links for 4
> separate books.
> There are links for descriptions for features. PaX and ASLR are being kept
> separate so that, for example, Exe-shield can be used with ASLR instead of
> PaX. Compiler warnings and debugging is geared towards setting up test
> systems for stabilization. The blowfish passwords is probably going to be
> mixed into integrated crypto, if the OpenSSL integrations pans out.
> Thanks again to Manuel and Jan for the new book layout.
> robert
> --

My compliments, and with the non-javascript version, things look fine as well.

Kevin Day

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