New book layout

Robert Connolly robert at
Sat May 5 13:53:30 PDT 2007

Thanks much to Jan and Manuel for setting up javascript menu boxes so the 
2.4-branch and trunk could be merged, in addition to making each feature 
optional. This can be seen here:
and should be on the mirrors soon. The 2.4 differences are not mixed in 
completely yet (linuxthreads), but the book will be better for maintainers 
and readers after it's complete. Non-javascript defaults to links for 4 
separate books.

There are links for descriptions for features. PaX and ASLR are being kept 
separate so that, for example, Exe-shield can be used with ASLR instead of 
PaX. Compiler warnings and debugging is geared towards setting up test 
systems for stabilization. The blowfish passwords is probably going to be 
mixed into integrated crypto, if the OpenSSL integrations pans out.

Thanks again to Manuel and Jan for the new book layout.

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