Yet another LPM

Jan Dvořák mordae at
Thu Mar 29 11:09:59 PDT 2007

Ivan Kabaivanov wrote:
> Within the context of IPCop I was thinking of doing:
> make DESTDIR=/tmp/[package] install for every package, then
> find /tmp/[package] > package.list
> rm -fr /tmp/[package]
> make install
> so that we didn't have to run find after installing every package, which the 
> more packages were installed, the longer it took.  With the above idea, find 
> takes considerably less time.  The overhead comes from having to install 
> every package twice, but with the exception of gcc,glibc,perl and maybe a few 
> more, that overhead was negligible compared to a full / find.  Some packages 
> probably will not understand DESTDIR, but for those a sed would fix it.
Thats why I prefer UnionFS. No DESTDIR, no sed, just install it as it 
comes and grab result.

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