Install Vim to /bin?

Robert Connolly robert at
Wed Mar 28 07:55:07 PDT 2007

On Wednesday March 28 2007 10:20, Kevin Day wrote:
> Perhaps that is a test for syntax being supported in vim and not being
> available.
> In that case, have the /bin/vim built with syntax off and the
> /usr/bin/vim built with syntax.
> Hopefully the PREFIX has /usr/bin before /bin, this way the syntax one
> will always be used unless not present and that /etc/vimrc should
> still work as desired for both cases.

All I wanted was a vi that works without /usr, and doesn't complain about it. 
And that's how it turned out. There's no need to install two copies. It 
should be fully functional as long as /usr/share/vim exists, and functional 
enough to work even without /usr. This is perfect I think.

It adds 1.6MB to /, but that's not bad considering / is 247MB total. It's less 
than a 1% increase for a fairly important thing to have in /.

I'm going to post lfs-dev about it.

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