Issues building Glbc+Linux-2.6 macana at
Wed Jun 20 12:47:40 PDT 2007

El Miércoles, 20 de Junio de 2007 21:32, Robert Connolly escribió:

> Did you use the fstack-protector patch?

No, it's not in the online book.

> That should show 'Shared object'. I think you missed the fpie patch.

As before, it's not in the online book.

> Or maybe your browser cookies disabled aslr and ssp parts of the book. I
> commented those options out until the book uses them properly, because
> right now things like above could happen.

Additional features are full disabled right now when using

to select the book flavour, thus all that patches are hidden for normal users. 

If what you want is to have the features availables but not  to allow user to 
unselect them, then we must to disable the javascript code that cheks the 
features cookie.

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