libssp abort/exit code

Robert Connolly robert at
Thu Jun 14 02:29:09 PDT 2007

Libssp, with Glibc and uClibc, gives an "Illegal instruction" (return code 
132) when an overflow is detected, instead of an "Aborted" (return code 134). 
This comes from the "__builtin_trap" in gcc/libssp/ssp.c.

It's ugly, but it works. GCC uses this because for their purposes it's more 
portable. I'm curious if it is safer to patch ssp.c to use 
sigfillset+sigdelset+sigprocmask, kill(getpid()), and _exit(127).

The "__builtin_trap" causes a dirty crash, while a kill and an exit is much 
cleaner. The "Illegal instruction" also confuses Bash, giving us a "write 
error: Broken pipe", depending on the program's input.

Do any of you know if either one is more vulnerable than the other?

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