Problem with Flex shared objects

T_B T_B at
Fri Jun 1 17:01:55 PDT 2007

I was trying to build gradm on my HLFS system (2.6 kernel, glibc).

Initially I got an error indicating that -lfl could not be found.  I traced
the error message back to a problem with the flex shared object libraries.
The build instructions have the following lines:

    gcc -shared -Wl,-soname, \
        -o -fPIC libmain.o libyywrap.o
    rm -v /usr/lib/libfl.a
    install -v /usr/lib/
    ln -vs 2.5.33 /usr/lib/

I think the last line should be:

    ln -vs /usr/lib/

I fixed the broken link and the not found error went away, but the gradm
build then complained about not being able to link to yexx.  So I think
something else is wrong in trying to make the shared object for flex.  If I
leave these linkes out of the flex build and keep the static libfl.a than I
can get gradm to build fine.


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