George Boudreau georgeb at
Fri Jun 1 14:38:30 PDT 2007

Robert Connolly wrote:
> On Tuesday May 29 2007 12:14:59 am George Boudreau wrote:
>> Robert Connolly wrote:
>>> Cool, thanks. Btw, does nasm generally make smaller programs? The nasm
>>> version, with the extra options, is only about 7 bytes larger.
>>   When I built dd.asm with the following
>> 	nasm -o dd.o -f aout dd.asm -l dd.lst
>> 	ld -o dd dd.o
>> 	strip dd
>> the final size was 976 so I see a 92 byte difference. How did you build
>> yours?
>>    The attachment is a commented version with a different build method.
>> 	m4 dd.m4 > tmp.s
>> 	gcc -c tmp.s
>> 	ld -o dd tmp.o
>> 	strip dd
>>    output is the same 884b
>>> robert
> The asmutils Makefile uses:
> nasm -w+orphan-labels -w+macro-params -i../inc/ -O99v -f 
> bin -D__LINUX__ -D__KERNEL__=24 -D__SYSCALL__=__S_KERNEL__ -D__OPTIMIZE__=__O_SIZE__ -D__ELF__ -D__ELF_MACROS__ 
> dd.asm
> This makes a 871 byte 'dd'.
   I ended with the same byte count.
> I build yours with:
> gcc -nostdlib dd.s -o dd-gnu
> strip dd-gnu
   I still get 884 with this build method.

> And it's 916 bytes. A 45 byte difference. I'm not sure how I got a 7 byte 
> difference before. The size is the same if I use 'as' and 'ld', instead 
> of 'gcc'.
   The __OPTIMIZE__ switch has an impact.
   When I change it to __O_SPEED__ I get 917b cnt for dd
   When I change the text message to the one in dd.s
     890b cnt for dd (getting closer)

   I also noticed the resulting executable from dd.asm cannot be 
'dumped' with objdump and 'file dd' shows a corrupted header. Obviously 
these tools cannot be run against a 'bin' format file.

   -f bin is a more compact output format.

   I will look at the listing as see how they 'optimize' for size but it 
will take a while the listing file is almost 500k

> robert

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