testing the system

Charity charity at orlandotelco.net
Tue Jan 30 13:01:46 PST 2007

Some of the tests are in the book. They explicity test whether or not 
stack smashing protector is working. It's not in the whole system being 
secure. It's in the pieces of the puzzle and that's hard to test. You 
make sure each piece is secure by the general instructions in the book 
and the actual programs you have installed. Then you just have to make 
sure each program is configured correctly and works properly. That 
should inherently give you a more secure system. Even some pre-compiled 
distributions have hardened versions with greater security. I know 
Debian does. The difference in HLFS is not that it will be more secure 
than the other hardened distros, but that it's highly configurable. It 
should be more secure than the average distro.

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