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Kevin Day thekevinday at
Sat Jan 27 11:28:37 PST 2007

> On 1/26/07, Charity <charity at> wrote:
> Just testing with a different email address to see if maybe the spam
> filter is blocking gmail accounts. I can't seem to post to the mailing
> list. My messages keep bouncing with a message that there is a
> suspicious header. An admin is supposed to look at it, but I haven't
> heard back about it yet.
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I had this exact problem in the past.

Google defaults to html or rich text formatting.
This ends up making things look like spam to the email-server.

google also decided to leave this option out of the settings
To disable this, at the top of every single message, immediately above the
message text box (on the left side) is one of two possible links: "Rich
Formatting >>" or "<< Plain Text".

When it says plain text, it means that you are NOT in plain text and you
need to click that button to enable plain text.
Click the Plain Text if it is there.  If it says "Rich Formatting" then you
are in plain text mode, which is what this mailing list requires.

Kevin Day

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