Toolchain build failures.

Robert Baker bobb at
Fri Jan 26 10:26:28 PST 2007

At the moment "Stable" is far from stable. In fact in its current state 
it does not even build completely with the instructions provided. Not to 
mention as Robert posted in November the -pie -fpie bits are not in the 
book while some test-suite issues are being worked out.


Jason Stevens wrote:

>Charity wrote:
>>After some more research, it seems that something is going wrong with 
>>the first gcc build or glibc is not being linked to properly. I know 
>>HLFS is in development, but the link to the old stable version of the 
>>book is broken.
>"Stable" means different things depending on context.  AFAIK, there is
>no book (and hasn't been one) that purports to be both stable and build
>a stable system.
>The last book that I am aware of which reliably builds an HLFS distro
>which runs reliably (stable for me, in other words), and which is built
>on a 2.6 series kernel, is SVN-20060510.  Courtesy of Manuel Canales
>Esparcia, you can download this book via svn with
>svn co -r649 svn://
>The patches and sources for this book are mostly findable by jhalfs;
>there are a few that you'll have to hunt for with google.
>Caveats:  I haven't built any of the HLFS books under development in the
>"stable" branch, because I want a 2.6 series kernel.  These might be
>better, depending on your needs.  Also, there might well be a later
>version of HLFS in the development branch that means an informal
>definition of "stable"; I haven't been building them because I infer
>from posts to this list that they still don't build reliably (which is
>not a criticism; this is explicitly a development book after all).

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