Toolchain build failures.

Jason Stevens jastev at
Fri Jan 26 09:33:21 PST 2007

Charity wrote:
> After some more research, it seems that something is going wrong with 
> the first gcc build or glibc is not being linked to properly. I know 
> HLFS is in development, but the link to the old stable version of the 
> book is broken.

"Stable" means different things depending on context.  AFAIK, there is
no book (and hasn't been one) that purports to be both stable and build
a stable system.

The last book that I am aware of which reliably builds an HLFS distro
which runs reliably (stable for me, in other words), and which is built
on a 2.6 series kernel, is SVN-20060510.  Courtesy of Manuel Canales
Esparcia, you can download this book via svn with

svn co -r649 svn://

The patches and sources for this book are mostly findable by jhalfs;
there are a few that you'll have to hunt for with google.

Caveats:  I haven't built any of the HLFS books under development in the
"stable" branch, because I want a 2.6 series kernel.  These might be
better, depending on your needs.  Also, there might well be a later
version of HLFS in the development branch that means an informal
definition of "stable"; I haven't been building them because I infer
from posts to this list that they still don't build reliably (which is
not a criticism; this is explicitly a development book after all).


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