hlfs fwrite changes to binutils and gcc

Jan Dvořák mordae at thirdcms.org
Tue Feb 20 15:57:37 PST 2007


> Move 
> <stdio.h> to <stdio-vanilla.h>, include the vanilla header in the new 
> <stdio.h>, then redefine the functions with assertions... unless NDEBUG is 
> defined. This would be a lot easier to work with, as a sysadmin, and would 
> work transparently with all packages.
The only problem is that we will get errors even when there is a check 
in the code. I'm however going to recompile something smaller 
(coreutils, bash) and then see how it works...

Fine, done... I've tried coreutils with checks in unistd.h and malloc.h, 
bits/stdio2.h, bits/wchar2.h, stat.h, stdio.h and stdlib.h I'll try 
tomorrow. It looks quite good. Coreutils testsuite went OK... I'm see 

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