hlfs fwrite changes to binutils and gcc

Robert Connolly robert at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Feb 18 17:52:49 PST 2007

there's a header to redefine fputc, fputs, putc, putchar, and puts. I think 
something like this would be a better idea than the way the book is now. Move 
<stdio.h> to <stdio-vanilla.h>, include the vanilla header in the new 
<stdio.h>, then redefine the functions with assertions... unless NDEBUG is 
defined. This would be a lot easier to work with, as a sysadmin, and would 
work transparently with all packages.

Temporarily I'd like to use an assert() clone, like fort_assert(), with a 
different error message, just for the purpose of debugging this particular 
implementation. So if 'ld' crashes when building Python and gives 
a "fort_assert" error, we know it's a bug in the new <stdio.h>, and hopefully 
causes less headaches.

I'm going for a short vacation from the morning of February 20th to the 1st of 
March. This assert issue is the most broken thing in the book, and needs to 
be the next thing fixed. I'll look into it when I return, and maybe it can be 
discussed further on this mailing list with more detail until then.

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