Install Vim to /bin?

Robert Connolly robert at
Sat Feb 10 07:54:15 PST 2007

Its maybe possible to do something like:

./configure --with-features=tiny --disable-nls \
  --with-vim-name=vim.tiny --with-ex-name=ex.tiny \
  --with-view-name=view.tiny --prefix=/usr --bindir=/bin

with Vim. It will install the 'xxd' (hexdump) program to /bin, while a normal 
installation will install a second 'xxd' to /usr/bin. share/vim/vim70/ is 
still 17MB, so there's no help there, but vim itself will be about seven 
times smaller. The tiny version of Vim doesn't link to

Also, at:
is the Berkeley version of the Vi editor. Its installed as 'nvi'.

And then there's Elvis:

Elvis is about the size of vim.tiny, but seems to have dns support too (its 
linked to

I don't really like the idea of installing two editors of the same clone, but 
personally Elvis is fine for me because I don't use the extra features of 
Vim. I'm not sure how comprehensive Elvis' native language support is, but I 
am able to read/write some utf8 characters with it. There are no patches 
against Elvis since 2003, so I'm assuming it's fairly stable.


On Saturday 10 February 2007 04:19, Aki Tuomi wrote:
> Perhaps just 'vi' is enough? I don't think user will need the whole vim
> in an error situation...
> Aki Tuomi
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