Install Vim to /bin?

Aki Tuomi cmouse at
Sat Feb 10 01:19:21 PST 2007

Gilles Espinasse kirjoitti:
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>> I copied vim, symlinked vi to it, in a chroot with just bash and
> libraries,
>> and both vim and vi work... they can create and edit plain text files,
>> without any warnings or messages that anything is missing. The
> /usr/share/vim
>> directory is over 20 megs.. much of it is locales, and spell files. It's
> too
>> much to install to /etc/vim. We can't really expect locales to work
> properly
>> without /usr anyway.
> Following vim compilation on IPCop, we only include vim, vi and root/.vimrc
> and that just work.
> Gilles

Perhaps just 'vi' is enough? I don't think user will need the whole vim 
in an error situation...

Aki Tuomi

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