Install Vim to /bin?

Kevin Day thekevinday at
Fri Feb 9 18:20:23 PST 2007

On 2/9/07, Robert Connolly <robert at> wrote:
> Hi. I'm not sure about FHS compliance or whatever, but Vim is the only
> interactive editor we have in the base system. Other than Sed and Awk there
> isn't really any way to edit any system files unless /usr is mounted.
> If we had Ed it might be a different story, but I think Vim should be
> installed to /bin so it is available in single-user mode, etcetera .
> robert
I find it is good to have an editor for the failsafe portion of the
system, to make life easier when debugging in single user or umounted
modes (the case where /usr is a seperate partition and mount is

I believe it is a good idea, go for it.

Kevin Day

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