Successful hlfs glibc build

Charity charity at
Fri Feb 9 11:45:12 PST 2007

Just an update.
I used the suggested corrections for fwrite in binutils and gcc and they 
allow the kernel to compile now.
My failure for the perl gethostbyaddr test went away also. Not quite 
sure how that happened.
Udev-105 works as long as you copy udevstart to sbin. Detected my 2 hard 
drives, one with an ntfs partition and even that one is working fine. I 
also have a cdrom, a dvd and a floppy that are showing up in the list, 
but haven't tested access to them yet.
Note: had a funny dependency conflict with the kernel .config and pax. 
Seems if you enable CONFIG_PAX_PT_PAX_FLAGS as suggested, it doesn't 
enable some other needed options. It gives you an error at compile time 
something like 'struct mm_struct' has no member named 'pax_flags'. I 
think I cleared this up by enabling the random address space options, 
but I can't be sure. If you get this error, it's something in the kernel 
config not properly updating dependent options.
Finished with chapter 6 now and only loaded wget and ssh server so far. 
I've rebooted and now running completely off the new system, so it's 
working. Now to start installing more packages and test for stability.

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