Current HLFS build

Jan Dvořák mordae at
Mon Feb 5 10:15:52 PST 2007

Kevin Day wrote:
>> udev had to be updated. I used udev-105
> Interesting, I have udev-094, anything higher causes the system to not
> boot.
Same here. I'd like to hear more about how one gets it to work...

> Any other problems with 2.6.19, I have found it to cause obscure bugs
> and I am of the feeling that 2.6.19 is broken and should not be used
> (the feeling might be mutual). [snip] Perhaps some of the more obscure
> bugs are related to 2.6.19, try 2.6.18 with the grsecurity patch.
It works here. But the problems with net headers & glibc, unionfs etc..

> To truly sum up all of the problems in the linux world..
> People are very busy,
> A lot of work needs to be done,
> projects are being forcefully speed up,

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