Current HLFS build

Charity charity at
Mon Feb 5 08:06:52 PST 2007

Kevin Day wrote:
>> udev had to be updated. I used udev-105
> Interesting, I have udev-094, anything higher causes the system to not
> boot.  I have been wondering if they changed how their stuff works but
> made no documentation of it..considering that project has negatives in
> the areas of information about itself..
> It took me a while to figure out udev versions higher than 094 were
> causing my system to not boot.  Did you have similar problems until
> you changed to 105? I do not belive I have tried 105 as of yet, but I
> have tried 104.
I could not get udev-081 to compile which was what was suggested in the 
book. I just took the most recent version and it compiled and installed 
cleanly. I didn't have a chance to try to boot from it actually because 
of my kernel snaffoo. I will keep this in mind, but I will try udev-105 
first. If I can't boot, I will go back to 094. Thanks for the heads up.
>> I used the most recent kernel and had to update the grsecurity
>> patch for it. After that, I got stuck because of the incorrect assert
>> defines described elsewhere in this list. :) Starting over again. This
>> time I will get the gcc test working so that I can actually test it
>> before the install.
> Any other problems with 2.6.19, I have found it to cause obscure bugs
> and I am of the feeling that 2.6.19 is broken and should not be used
> (the feeling might be mutual).  It actually caused my dhcpclient
> (dhcpclient-snap) to stop working.  Perhaps some of the more obscure
> bugs are related to 2.6.19, try 2.6.18 with the grsecurity patch.
After I get it to compile, I will let you know. I don't use dhcp due to 
my Linux box being on my personal router. I find hard coded ip's to be 
just easier for port forwarding so I can access my machine from elsewhere.
> Theres one things you forgot to mention, are you using uClibc or glibc?
glibc because I really didn't know the difference when I started this 
and it was implied from the book that it was the "less broken" of the 2 
libraries. If a stable version of the book happens to come about, then I 
will research it more and decide which would be better for me.

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