Current HLFS build

Charity charity at
Mon Feb 5 06:33:11 PST 2007

I got all the way through chapter 6 with only a few hang ups.

Sed compiled with sed-4.1.5-fixes-1.patch builds cleanly, passes all 
tests, but has very odd behavior. At first, it could not operate on 
files that were not in the same directory if you used the -i.orig 
option. It errored out with "Cannot rename directory. Directly not 
empty." or something of that nature unless you used the -e switch as 
well. I somehow lost that bug in the process of recompiling and 
installing again, but even after that. If you used the -i.orig option, 
it would do the substitution correctly, but you would end up with an 
excess file. Say you tried sed 's/test/pass/' -i.orig test/try.1 that 
only contained the word test. It would do the expected substitution, but 
there would be a new file called tes in the current directory that would 
be a duplicate of test/try.1 that also said pass. I didn't really like 
the buggy nature and reinstalled without the patch.

gmp and mpfr are supposedly required for building gcc. It actually 
builds without it, but I decided to go ahead and install those packages 
prior to the gcc build.

You cannot run the gcc testsuite without autogen which requires guile 
which requires mpfr and gmp. I finally got autogen working, but make 
sure you build guile with thread support or autogen won't even compile. 
I didn't manage to figure everything out until automake, autoconf and 
libtool were all installed in chapter 6, so I didn't get a chance to run 
the gcc testsuite anyway.

perl claimed gethostbyaddr didn't work. I did not have time to research 
this and it was the only perl test that failed. I did have /etc/hosts 
with localhost livecd

udev had to be updated. I used udev-105

I used the most recent kernel and had to update the grsecurity 
patch for it. After that, I got stuck because of the incorrect assert 
defines described elsewhere in this list. :) Starting over again. This 
time I will get the gcc test working so that I can actually test it 
before the install.

I had a lot of packages that I couldn't compile with -Werror enabled 
because of warn_unused_result attributes for write, printf, scanf, etc.

There was one other patch that I had to update, but I forget for what. 
It's in the LFS patches archive. When compiling development books, 
should remind myself to always search the patch archive for newer 
patches. I'm going to write down the steps this time because I pretty 
much have an idea of what works now. Would anyone be interested in a 
detailed posting? I'm just wondering if compiling the toolchain as one 
unit has ever worked for anyone. If it hasn't, maybe the structure 
should go back to headers-binutils-gcc again?


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