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> The 64 bit instruction set in AMD64 (and the Intel version) is not
> emulated. I don't have any idea where you got that idea, but it is
> wrong. Many of the other things you say on this list appear to have
> value, but everything you say has to be weighed in the context of this
> error.
Emulated was a bad choice of words for "faked in silicon".

I see a big difference between 64 bit hardware and 64 bit "enabled" hardware.
A vendors description is more revealing...

The AMD Opteron processor is '''designed''' to run existing
'''32-bit''' applications with outstanding performance and '''offers'''
customers a simplified '''migration path''' to 64-bit computing.
(what did they say it was designed to do? What's it offer for 64 bit?)

The AMD Athlon 64 FX processor runs on AMD64, a revolutionary technology that 1)
allows the processor to run '''32-bit''' applications at full speed while
'''enabling''' the coming wave of powerful, 64-bit software applications.
(apparently those 'enabled' applications don't run at full speed?)

and from wikipedia...
AMD64 was created as an alternative to Intel and Hewlett Packard's radically
different IA-64 architecture. Originally announced as "x86-64" in August
2000,[2] the architecture was positioned by AMD from the beginning as an
'''evolutionary''' way to '''add''' 64-bit computing capabilities to the
'''existing x86 architecture''', as opposed to Intel's approach of creating an
entirely new 64-bit architecture with IA-64.

To me, this all describes forward kludges on native 32 bit hardware, not
backward compatability from novel 64 bit hardware.
Take whatever position you find most comfortable, but rest assured when real 64
bit cores are produced you will hear marketing sing "64 bit processor" very loud
and clearly.

Personally, have no loyalty to any vendor, but prefer 32 bits.
This is all quite off topic anyway and only adds negativity to HLFS.
Nobody benefits from cult discussions, technically accurate or not.

Marty B.

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