HLFS 64bit again

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I am top posting here because there was nothing worthwhile to respond to
below. I don't ordinarily use Wikipedia as a source, but this is
actually a reasonably good article on a simple-to-understand (for most
people) concept.

Read it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X86-64

Read the Architecture overview section of this:

64-bit general purpose registers, 64-bit address space -- that sounds
pretty 64-bit to me.

Note that there is no mention whatsoever about multiple cores. AMD was
producing 64 bit cores for quite a while - I believe over a year, but I
don't recall - before they produced anything with multiple cores.

The two concepts have nothing to do with each other.

The 64 bit instruction set in AMD64 (and the Intel version) is not
emulated. I don't have any idea where you got that idea, but it is
wrong. Many of the other things you say on this list appear to have
value, but everything you say has to be weighed in the context of this

On Fri, 28 Dec 2007 03:32:03 -0500, goodoldmarty wrote
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> > If you can actually document what you are saying, I will apologize in
> > advance and be grateful for the knowledge. 
> > 
> If you seek documentation, try AMD's web site first. The 
> burden of proof is on them, not me. AMD makes no claim to have 
> 64 bit cores; all of the manufacturers avoid the phrase '64 
> bit processor' to refer to their chips. They put big spin on 
> techno-speak and tradenames like AMD64 which generically refer 
> to achieving 64 bit functions using multiple core chips. They 
> just can't do it with a single core yet, but they would love 
> to sell such a chip if they could. Now with 16 AMD 2901's...
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