/sbin/nologin not OK

Jaap Struyk japie at deserver.nl
Thu Dec 27 23:24:21 PST 2007

readelf -d /sbin/nologin

Dynamic section at offset 0xf64 contains 14 entries:
  Tag        Type                         Name/Value
 0x00000004 (HASH)                       0x128
 0x00000005 (STRTAB)                     0x18c
 0x00000006 (SYMTAB)                     0x14c
 0x0000000a (STRSZ)                      25 (bytes)
 0x0000000b (SYMENT)                     16 (bytes)
 0x00000015 (DEBUG)                      0x0
 0x00000011 (REL)                        0x1a8
 0x00000012 (RELSZ)                      8 (bytes)
 0x00000013 (RELENT)                     8 (bytes)
 0x00000016 (TEXTREL)                    0x0
 0x00000018 (BIND_NOW)
 0x6ffffffb (FLAGS_1)                    Flags: NOW
 0x6ffffffa (RELCOUNT)                   1
 0x00000000 (NULL)                       0x0

So it's not linked to anything??? (but does contain textrel)
compiling with: gcc -nostdlib -fno-stack-protector -fno-pic -fno-pie
-nopie src/nologin.S -o src/nologin removes the textrel (actualy readelf
tells me there is no dynamic section in the file) and the resulting bin
does work.
Groetjes Japie

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