HLFS 64bit again

ericj ericj at ericj.net
Thu Dec 27 10:42:16 PST 2007

On Thu, 27 Dec 2007 13:27:58 -0500, goodoldmarty wrote

> That text only illustrates one poor slob's software issues. He 
> opts to use ridiculous amounts of local memory and must 
> sacrifice performance (and a lot of money) no matter how he 
> does it. The dual/quad cores excel at 32 bit multithreading, 
> not pretending to be 64 bit devices. Existing '64 bit 
> technology' needs multiple cores to emulate a functional 64 
> bit CPU, and performance noticeably suffers. But yes, to that end
> it still works, if a person is so obsessed;)

I've seen you say the same thing several times and have even seen it
questioned before. I would truly appreciate that you show even one
(reliable) document that backs up your apparent misunderstanding of what
the 64 bit-ness of the AMD64 architecture is before saying this kind of

If you can actually document what you are saying, I will apologize in
advance and be grateful for the knowledge. 


"Facts are the enemy of truth." -- Don Quixote

Eric Johnson

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