Robert Connolly robert at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Dec 26 14:11:39 PST 2007

Since just before 0.9.29, to current snapshot, I get segfaults when anything 
is linked statically to uClibc. Now I've reproduced it with a very vanilla 
uClibc buildroot, so it looks like a bug with uClibc and not a bug with 
something I'm doing. So I'm not going to try to fix it. I did a bugzilla 
about it at the uClibc site. I did find a workaround, which is to compile 
libc.a with no optimization (-O0). Nothing on an hlfs-uclibc system is linked 
statically, so it doesn't really affect the build.

-fstack-protector-all also causes segmentation faults, which may or may not be 
related to the bug with -static. Libssp seems to work, but there are some 
frustrating issues with the ssp header installation for 

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