HLFS 64bit again

Jaap Struyk japie at deserver.nl
Sat Dec 8 09:14:36 PST 2007

goodoldmarty at gmail.com schreef:

> OSS is not very descriptive. Can you name 1 OSS package that is worth
> all your trouble? Is this application and all it's dependancies written
> securely, with PIC and PIE enabled? Will it all compile with SSP?

I understand your point Marty, but if nobody ever trys anything we would
still be walking around in animal skin to cover our loins... (or in the
best case we would still be using a 8086 and nobody ever heard of ssp,
pie, pic or gnu/linux at all... ;)

> As far as 64 bit being safe by obscurity... Don't be confused; every 32
> bit vulnerability is also a 64 bit vulnerability when they attack the
> Linux API.

That is something that didn't crossed my mind and off-course your
completely right!
Groetjes Japie

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