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Thu Dec 6 23:16:33 PST 2007

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> It cannot be more secure. 64 bit machines has capabilities that some
> people need and its good to have a secure platform for them. I am
> working with in memory databases and 64 bit machines are ideal for this.

IBM used bit-hype when the 286 came out with a bigger address bus, and
this has been the industry battle flag since. It was still an 8 bit CPU.
Likewise, you cannot label 2 (or more) discreet, asynchronous, 32 bit
execution units as a 64 bit core, duh.

To date, the only place these '64 bit emulators' excel is in processing
huge amounts of huge numbers, where iterative instructions are in the
cache and data is in memory. Using 64 bit Linux for making database
queries is ludicrous unless the application is strictly mathematical.

Marty B

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