HLFS 64bit again

Jaap Struyk japie at deserver.nl
Thu Dec 6 03:52:54 PST 2007

goodoldmarty at gmail.com schreef:

> Do you own 64 bit applications that won't run on a 32 bit system?

I don't own any applications Marty, neither 32 or 64 bit but there is
some OSS software that can take advantage of 64bit.

> What you are trying to build will probably have more bugs, be less
> secure, and possibly run slower, than the mainstream 32 bit build.

That a 64bit version runs slower I know, the bins are larger so it needs
more mem. and most bins are a bit slower on startup.
My main thought was that "unknown makes unloved" so the less there's
known about a platform the less vulnerabilitys there are known... (but
if I end up with an highly unstable, unusable or insecure system I will
drop all efforts and use mainstream)
Groetjes Japie

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