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Robert Connolly robert at
Fri Aug 31 18:43:48 PDT 2007


It includes a branch update patch, so I think it's equivalent to 2.5.1. Look 
in debian/patches/any/

The local-linuxthreads-semaphore_h.diff is easier to do with a 'mv' command 
than a patch. The local-linuxthreads-tst-sighandler.diff patch drops a couple 
tests, so I'd assume Debian is running the linuxthreads test suite.

There may be other patches named differently.

Ubuntu has linuxthreads patches for glibc-2.6 too. See glibc_2.6-2ubuntu2.diff 
(or newer version).


On Friday August 31 2007 09:10:30 pm Robert Baker wrote:
> I came across mentions of debian's patches, but have not located the
> patches yet. I will have dig for em, but they should be in the normal
> places. I just hadn't looked hard yet. Thought I would ask on the list to
> see if I was missing something first. I will check the apt repo's and get
> back to list on that. Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld
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