hlfs test suite & gradm2, logging

Robert Connolly robert at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Aug 31 01:23:55 PDT 2007

On Friday August 31 2007 03:50:52 am goodoldmarty at gmail.com wrote:
> As a testimonial to all involved, my SVN-20070820 build is online
> serving my pages with no issues to date. The book is righteous.
> I have two queries.
> RE: HLFS test suite; During the build, tests are very important. After a
> build is finished and booting, testing is even more important. A
> comprehensive test suite is needed to validate the final product.

The paxtest tests in the paxctl package has many tests, but some of them 
depend on you running a grsecurity kernel.

> RE: grsec; I am curious as to why the void regarding gradm2?
> This seems like an important component for security configuration.
> Is there a problem I have not yet discovered?

It's not added yet because nothing depends on it. I would like to add gradm 
rules for each package, so there are a lot of examples.

> RE: logging; Good log management is a basic with any server type system.
> A unmanaged 1G+ kern.log or sys.log is unacceptable to any sysadmin.
> Logrotate needs to be brought into this build as an integral component.
> This is not even in the BLFS tree... It should be IMHO.

There was a bit of discussion a long time ago about adding a cron daemon. We 
could use it right away for rotating logs, and maybe a couple other things 
like tripwire.

> Marty B.

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